Dr. Olsen's Ringworm and Onychomycosis Treatment

As told to Jim Carter (2003-10-20)

Tinea cutis is a fungus commonly found in the skin. It manifests itself differently on different parts of the body.

Nomenclature and Recognition

Soles of the feet
Athlete's foot, which is the most common. You see moist, peeling skin between the toes; sometimes it splits painfully all the way through. On the soles, peeling and irregular surfaces can be blamed on Tinea cutis. Such infestations form a reservoir that periodically flares up and spreads to other areas. Along the edges of the soles it can form little focal lesions, like tiny pimples.
Finger and toe nails
Onychomycosis (meaning literally fungus infection of the nails). Actually the nail bed is infested, and it becomes thick and ugly and uncomfortable.
Skin of the body
Ringworm. In the crotch it is referred to as jock itch. Folded areas of the skin, which tend to be damp from sweat, are most likely to get it. It starts out as a red, itchy patch. In a bad case it works its way outward with a raised red rim and beige discoloration in the center. Local lymph nodes become swollen, giving a lumpy appearance.
The scalp
Fortunately I didn't have ringworm of the scalp.

Treatment: Ringworm

Treatment: Onychomycosis